My name is Amber Robertson. I photographed my first birth when I was 9 years old (the birth of my sister), and have been enamored and in awe of pregnancy and birth ever since.  I began photographing the births of friends and family members, and it was a natural transition to begin doing it professionally.  This really is a Labor of Love for me.

I’m married to a wonderful, supportive husband and we have an incredible little girl together who cracks us up EVERY.SINGLE.DAY.  We had a planned homebirth in September of 2010, and the experience only fueled my obsession with babies and birth.  We are so fortunate in San Diego to have many wonderful birthing options, and I encourage everyone to do your research and decide what kind of birth you want to have.

A few more things about me: I’m quiet and introverted (I’ll be a fly on the wall during your birth!), I love baby feet more than almost anything (okay, except MAYBE salted caramel), I would love to someday live on a small farm, I love country music, I hate being photographed, and I believe pregnancy and birth are unbelievably beautiful and powerful.

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